This tutorial will show you a slow Internet fix; how to identify the four potential root causes that may slow down your Internet speed. It will also show you different ways to fix your Internet slowness issue. Finally, it shows you how to run an Internet speed test to see if your ISP is at fault.

Internet Speed Test

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To begin your slow Internet fix, try checking the following areas:

Root Cause 1: Your Computer

Step 1: Reboot your computer.
Step 2: Close all applications except the browser.
Step 3: Disable all anti-virus software and firewall. Make sure you re-enable it later to protect your computer from harm.
Step 4: Run a full scan of your computer for viruses. Viruses can utilize bandwidth and cause slowness. Remove any viruses found.
Step 5: If you have a second internet browser, use it to rule out if the first browser if at fault.
Step 6: Apply security updates to your browsers.
Step 7: Upgrade your browsers to the latest version.
Step 8: Secure your Ethernet cable at the computer and router.

Average download speed

Root Cause 2: Network Devices

Step 1: Reboot all network devices including router and DSL modem.
Step 2: Verify that all network cables are secured.
Step 3 (DSL only): Verify all DSL filters are properly connected and secured. Use one filter for each telephone device. To use a DSL filter properly, insert it into the telephone wall jack first, then insert the telephone cable into the DSL filter.

Root Cause 3: The Network

Step 1: Check whether the issue is occurring on wireless or direct connection. Direct connection refers to using an Ethernet cable. Step 2: If only wireless has issue, then check the router's wireless settings. Most router settings are accessible using the default IP address Verify that there are no errors for your wireless device. Next, try to move your wireless computer closer to the router. Wireless has limited range so moving it closer can resolve the slowness issues. Step 3: If direct connection is the issue, replace the potential faulty Ethernet cable.

Root Cause 4: Internet Service Provider

One way to identify if your ISP is at fault is by running an Internet speed test right here at Allconnect. Click "Begin test" to check your current Internet speed. Then compare the test results against the package speed that you purchased from your ISP. The test speed should be at least 65% of the advertised speed. For example, if the speed test is 1.0 Mbps and the advertised speed is 1.5 Mbps, then you are getting approximately 67%. A lower percentage indicates that your ISP is likely at fault. Therefore, report it to your ISP immediately.

Ask your ISP if they have an outage. Tell them that that you have already troubleshot your computer and network and found no issues. Let them know that you are not getting a good speed based on the speed test results from

We hope that you find this tutorial helpful. If you do, bookmark the URL or print it out. You never know when you will need to use it again for a slow Internet fix.

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